MargiottaShoes is an Italian fashion store born in 1976. Shoes represent the history of the brand (store) and the starting point for the expansion of the portfolio. The focal point of the company's strategy is to continuously strengthen the brand reputation by offering a unique shopping experience made from the wide product range.
MargiottaShoes has decided to pursue a new challenge, landing in the e-commerce world: our online shop offers to our customers the opportunity  to choose between the best Italian and international brands of footwear, as well as clothing and accessories with a simple click. It's essential for us satisfy all the needs of our customers ensuring professionalism and quality standards..

Margiottashoes - Galleria Commerciale "Nuovo Borgo", Viale della Repubblica, 8 - 67039 Sulmona AQ - Tel (+39)086456567

Margiottashoes - Corso Ovidio, 228 - 67039 Sulmona (AQ) - Tel. (+39)0864435312